portret op bestelling vanaf een foto

Portraits on demand

(based on a picture)

You can order a hyperrealistic portrait following the next steps:

  • Choose a few nice pictures of the person or the pet you want to have a portrait of (good quality photos!).
  • Send the pictures to info@marin-artist.com and choose small, medium or big.
  • I draw the portrait and you choose between picking it up in Louvain (Belgium) or having it sent to your home address. The shipping costs in Belgium are 7.
  • The delivery time is normally 1 month, but sometimes it is faster or takes longer depending on how busy I am. UPDATE: No new orders can be accepted until the end of December 2022.


A4 size



A3 size



A2 size


Are you interested in a couple or group portrait?
Send me an e-mail for a price quote.