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Live caricatures

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Workshop 'Learn how to draw caricatures'

On Thursday 14 July 2022 you can come to a caricature drawing workshop from 13h30 till 16h30 in community center Mannenstraat in Louvain, Belgium (Groefstraat 2). Price: 1 euro. Mail to or call 0016 22 38 59 from 20 June to sign up. Language: Dutch.

Expo 'Masters of Art'

Everyone is welcome at the expo 'Masters of Art' in art supply store TABLOO in Louvain, Belgium (Naamsestraat 180). Come and admire caricatures of famous painters from February untill April 2022. UPDATE: Exposition has been extended untill the end of June 2022.

Expo 'Rock Star Caricatures'

Enjoy the permanent exhibition ‘Rock Star Caricatures’ in Café Den Delper in Louvain, Belgium (Parijsstraat 30). For 20 euros you can buy a print of your favorite rock star caricature. It is a limited edition. More information at the bar or via