Ignacio Alfonso Marín de Espinosa Sánchez is my name, abbreviated ‘Marín‘. I am a cartoonist, born in Murcia, in the southeast of Spain. My specialties are hyperrealistic portraits and caricatures. Why? Because I like to focus on drawing people. To capture their appearance, but even more their feelings, and to put them on paper is my goal.

How it once started…

When at the age of 8 I won a drawing competition at my primary school, I decided to never stop drawing. So later, I signed up for Art History at the university. My job at the MUSEUM OF MODERN ART in Cartagena, Spain, provided me the opportunity to get to know artists from all over the world.

In December 2013 I organized my first real exhibition: ‘A YEAR OF HONOURS’. The theme was portraits. To perfect my hyperrealistic portraits, I went to Germany. There I took an intensive workshop about hyperrealism with Dirk Dzimirsky as my master.

The adventure: Belgium and the Muse. The Caricature Stall

In 2014 I moved to Leuven, Belgium, following my Belgian Muse. Now, I don’t only draw portraits, but also caricatures. With my caricature stall I travel through all of Belgium. Where? Local markets, festivals, birthday parties, communions, company parties… and the people leave and go home with a smile on their faces.